April 27, 2008

On dumb = cool

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I originally posted this in June 2006 as a comment on a post that bemoaned how it was not cool to be smart; worryingly, I think the situation was in school. Anyway, by chance I came across it again a few days ago while searching through my documents and thought it deserved one more mirthful outing, this time on my own blog.

It may be cool to be dumb, but only amongst the dumb. Those of you who are not dumb can pretend to be so if you wish, because the truly dumb will never guess. So we can all be cool, but the not so dumb can in their angst eventually find less dumb things to do with their smart brains than pretend to be dumb. If you don’t find better things to do, then you must in fact be dumb anyway and ergo cool, even though you never realised it. You people should stop worrying about being cool or dumb because you are both, apparently. If you are deeply dumb you were probably lost somewhere a couple of sentences ago and are very cool anyway; you lucky people. If you read this far and are not confused you are probably not dumb, or at least have plenty of time to figure out what un-cool people talk about and are now laughing with your cool mates. If the latter you may want to consider the possibility that you are borderline dumb or have non-dumb tendencies and should perhaps check what you are wearing, in case some of it is un-cool. If the former you can congratulate yourselves on not being dumb, but you mostly likely look a terrible sight. However, in a kind of inversion of the deeply dumb you won’t care and are wondering what all the fuss is about having speed read this or just skipped it because you could see where it was all going. As for the majority of you that think those dumb people and smart people are lucky not to have all this cool and dumb stuff to worry about, consider yourselves lucky. You can choose to look fairly cool or be reasonably smart and have found a distraction at your level, that is why you are the ones most likely to be reading this.
If you respond to this post what does that say about your dumb / cool credentials? Would it be smart or dumb? Everyone will know!


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